How to Use the Book

Guest readers

A guest can view all the contents on the website. To view a specific topic, click it on the navigation panel on the left of the website. If there are multiple sub-topics, they can be navigated either using the drop-down menu or the link on the left and right on a webpage. Within a sub-topic/webpage, different sections can be navigated directly. For the ease of use, the R code is formatted in blue new courier font. The R output is included in a red box as shown below.

## The R output
## is formatted.

Registered readers

A guest can easily register for more benefit. To register, either use our registration form directly or log in using your existing Google account. After registration, a reader can use all the features of the book for one day for free. A registered reader can also bookmark any topic for reference in the future. In addition, a registered user can also ask and answer questions.

Subscription readers

With subscription, a reader can use the book fully for the subscription period. We provide 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and lifetime subscription options.

A subscription reader can access an R input box, within which R code used in the book can be viewed and modified, as well as run for new output.

A reader can directly change the R output by clicking the "Update" button. Both input and output are saved for the specific reader, which is different from others. If a reader wants to restore to the default input and output, he/she can click the button "Default".

A subscription reader can also upload his/her own data set to use. To do so, go the Data upload webpage using the link on the bottom left panel. For now, only .csv (comma separated value) file is allowed. The uploaded data can be used in R within the book directly. For example, to use a data set with the data test.csv, simply use the function use data("test.csv"). Then a data frame called test is created.

How to cite the book?

To cite the book, use

Zhang, Z. & Wang, L. (2017). Advanced statistics using R. []. Granger, IN: ISDSA Press. ISBN: 978-1-946728-01-2.

To cite the book, use: Zhang, Z. & Wang, L. (2017-2022). Advanced statistics using R. Granger, IN: ISDSA Press. ISBN: 978-1-946728-01-2.
To take the full advantage of the book such as running analysis within your web browser, please subscribe.